Friday, 20 June 2008

Free Public Transport

On Thursday 19th the SSP launched its week of action on free public transport by leafleting and posting around stations and other transport hubs.

I've put a link to the site in 'Some other views from the left' in the sidebar.

Public reaction was very positive, as you might expect from people who are about to have to buy a ticket for an inferior service at an extortionate price to feed the fat cats who operate and mis-manage public transport for their own and their shareholders benefit.

Perhaps more surprising was the number of people who took the opportunity to express their support for our other policies on abolition of the council tax and its replacement by a fair system of taxation, on ending our involvement in American wars, on council housing, and on independence in a socialist Scotland.

It seems that it has taken a global financial meltdown to get across the message that capitalism is destroying itself through its own greed and to make people seriously consider an alternative 'not for profit' system which puts people before profit.

Monday, 16 June 2008

European Union, the Lisbon Treaty and Ireland

I am reminded of a piece of advice regularly given to aspiring lawyers regarding cross-examination of witnesses. You should never ask a question to which you don't already know the answer.

The Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty only goes to prove that the same applies in politics.

Democracy is always a real problem for bureaucracies and dictatorships, and the E.U. is both. So as foreign ministers struggle to find a way to thwart the clearly expressed will of the Irish people we should really be asking ourselves why. The answer is, of course, that the E.U. and its past incarnations, have always put profit before people.

The Irish, even although the country has benefitted enormously from the E.U. has seen little of the benefit 'trickle down' to the ordinary people. Big business, especially big farms have flourished and the rich, as usual, get richer.

They, and we, should continue to reject the treaty until it addresses distribution of wealth as well as wealth creation, because in a zero sum game, if business benefits then ordinary people must be penalised, and with growth at only 2-3% it is effectively a zero sum game.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Change to the Law on Sunbed Shops

I'm usually highly critical of laws which restrict freedoms, but the changes to the law regarding the use of sunbeds by under 18s has to be welcomed.

One of the hazards of being a full time driver is that your right arm tends to be exposed to the sun on good days when the window is open, and problems tend to be experienced by this group. I had a growth (benign) removed from my own right arm some years ago and it was a very scary time for me, so perhaps I am particularly aware of the damage the sun can do. I always wear a sunscreen now.

These changes to the law will, I hope, make a real difference, but the deterrent effect of a paltry £100 fine, when we consider other reports about the sunbed industry and its practices is still questionable.

But it's better than nothing.

Ry Cooder

I've added a new link in interesting stuff. It speaks for itself

Anglican Gay Wedding

I see from the BBC web site that the Anglican Church is shocked that a 'Gay Wedding' has been carried out in an Anglican church.

I have two reactions to that.

First, I am deeply shocked. I didn't think anyone really cared about the petty incestuous squabbling within the Church of England except themselves. I certainly didn't. Their continued persecution of gay people within an increasingly tolerant society is disgraceful. I was never allowed to sing it (commie, excused church) but doesn't one of their favourite hymns say 'the lord god made them all'.

Second, why should we deny the right of gay people to be as miserable as anyone else.

Friday, 13 June 2008

R.I.P. Jimmy Bonthrone, East Fife F.C.

All East Fife fans will miss Jimmy Bonthrone who died recently. A real gentleman and an extraordinary player. Check out the link under 'Interesting Stuff' or read the full obituary here

Sir Sean's Coming Home

I see from the news that Shir Sean is coming back to Scotland.

Oh, hang on. It's just to sell us a book. An autobiography written by a journalist??

Free Public Transport

I have added a link to the Scottish Socialist Party's 'Free Public Transport Campaign'

This will be one of the ongoing campaigning issues of the Party