Monday, 13 October 2008

Big Dave Cameron and Consensus Politics

I just saw Big Dave Cameron on the telly saying that there is no alternative to Big Gordy's master plan. As I suspected neither he nor the Prime Minister seem to have heard of socialism, even although they seem to be in favour of nationalising banks hand over fist.

Capitalism was failing the people of this country for years before the Iron Woman (she's no lady) finally took away all semblance of restraint. It has finally failed completely. The more freedom the market has to steal the more it will steal from the people of the country. Senior executives will get no bonuses this year, but they will be allowed to retain the bonuses the received while they were seriously failing to do their jobs properly. No doubt bonuses were based on results, but we should go back now that we know better what the result of their greed really is.


Resignations and Sackings in the UK Banks

Since my post earlier today it appears that heads are starting to roll in the major banks that I bought yesterday. Not before time.

Jean Charles de Menezez

As the inquest into the death of this poor young man continues another Senior Policeman is found to have tinkered with the truth.
The Met. is rotten to the core and the new man, whoever it might be, is going to have his work cut out coping with the vested interests and the culture of casual lying which pervades the police service. It appears that they will never tell the truth when a lie will do.

One of the unproven allegations about Bliar was that he had interfered in the allocation of a Public Relations contract for the Met. My question is why they try to change the public perception of the force instead of trying to change the attitudes and practices which gave them such a poor public profile. If they were what they are supposed to be then the need for a multi-million PR contract would be eliminated. Why are they wasting public money trying to give the public the impression that what they see with their own eyes should not be believed, but instead we should believe the hype that a PR firm produces? Public bodies should not be allowed to indulge themselves in self-serving, expensive media exercises for the sole purpose of misleading the public when the public have eyes and ears of their own and are quite capable of examining what they see and hear and making sound judgements. Unless they think that the public are too stupid..Heaven forbid.

Sir Ian Bliar and the Metropolitan Police

Goodbye Sir Ian, and good riddance.

Credit Crunch, Gordon Brown and My Money

The whole financial system has been changing faster than I can post, but just to update myself, it appears I have bought a number of dud banks which were being run by a squad of disreputable self-seeking gamblers who lost all the country's money. The solution to the problem is obvious, let's give them more money?? As far as I can see only one banking head has had the decency to resign so we should be pressing for the dismissal of the other culprits. Big Gordy, the big clunking fist, is being re-cast as the saviour of the known universe (he has a plan!).

So let's ask the uncomfortable questions.

Who is going to be sacked for their obvious negligence?

Why was there no money to eliminate fuel poverty, because pensioners will die this winter again?

What will be sacrificed to provide the money Big Gordy is going to use to feather bed the rich and greedy who chased the fast buck all over the known world (and Iceland)?

What's to stop the same greedy bastards doing the exact same thing again now that they know that they are so big governments can't let them be losers in the world casino?

How is the taxpayers money going to be ring fenced so that every greedy bastard who has lost money and has a passing acquaintance with an equally greedy lawyer wont be jumping up and down with a writ claiming negligence on the part of some other greedy bastard now that they know the banks have some money?