Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Douglas (Duggie) Alexander's Annual Survey

I got a leaflet through my door yesterday from Douglas (the chosen one and future anointed) Alexander asking me to complete an 'Annual Survey' of my worries.

As part of the questioning he asks, 'How satisfied are you with my work as your local MP.'

He offers a range of responses from 1 to 5 where '1=very satisfied' and '5=very satisfied'.

He's either as smug as he looks or he still hasn't mastered the basics of a voting system so Ive dropped him a wee email to help him out.

I'm Back Again

I've been too busy lately but I'm back, so a quick review and then I'll move on.

SNP have introduced free school meals (nearly).

SNP have ended privatisation of hospital ancillary services (except for the ones they have already privatised).

Ian Bliar has gone (but he shit in the sink before he left by allowing searching of the Commons without a warrant).

The de Menezez affair rumbles on (I think there is more to come out come the damages trial).

The banks I bought took all the money I gave them to lend to keep the economy afloat and said, 'Fuck you, we're keeping it.'

The VAT cut isn't being passed on to consumers (surprise, surprise).

Employers are using the excuse of the 'credit crunch' to cut staff and reduce working conditions it took years to achieve for working people.

And finally, for the moment, the Government are seriously considering giving an enormous cash bail-out to the UK car industry now that it is all foreign owned. I have to ask why that couldn't have been done when they were awash with monopoly money and it might have allowed the UK car industry to survive without all of its income going abroad? Why wasn't it important to save jobs then?