Monday, 19 January 2009

Alistair Darling (of the City)'s Second Bank Bail Out

It's like deja vu and so very predictable. Having concealed the true extent of their gambling losses in the hope that there would be a resurgence in confidence the major banks have now, with results due to be published and the previously incompetent regulator taking a close interest, been forced to admit the real depth of the shit they are in and come to government (me and you) for more money.

This looks more and more like more than just incompetence and it is really time that the Serious Fraud (Farce) Office took a much greater interest, but that would damage confidence and confidence tricksters like New Labour and their big business cronies depend on confidence.

Capitalism is crumbling due largely to its own values of greed and inequality.

I've posted a link to The Red Banker in the Sidebar for a socialist analysis.