Monday, 13 October 2008

Big Dave Cameron and Consensus Politics

I just saw Big Dave Cameron on the telly saying that there is no alternative to Big Gordy's master plan. As I suspected neither he nor the Prime Minister seem to have heard of socialism, even although they seem to be in favour of nationalising banks hand over fist.

Capitalism was failing the people of this country for years before the Iron Woman (she's no lady) finally took away all semblance of restraint. It has finally failed completely. The more freedom the market has to steal the more it will steal from the people of the country. Senior executives will get no bonuses this year, but they will be allowed to retain the bonuses the received while they were seriously failing to do their jobs properly. No doubt bonuses were based on results, but we should go back now that we know better what the result of their greed really is.


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Anonymous said...

Debate rages in forums and amongst lefties everywhere. Some want to see full nationalisation with some kind of executive decision making power for the state and some see this crisis as an opportunity to advance outright revolution.

I don't think that this crisis will lead to the end of capitlaism yet, so my own position is that the left should push for full Nationalisation with decision making powers.

the scramble for the the centre right is what has caused the type of consensus that we are seing now and for me the most interesting thing is how Brown has suddenly came up smelling of Roses, just weeks after the papers were all announcing his obituary and flirting with Miliband....It certainly is amazing times