Thursday, 11 September 2008

Legal Fees and Greedy Barristers

I see that the greedy bastar, whoops spell check error, barristers are up to their usual tricks again. £91 an hour is being described as derisory. Well I must admit it certainly makes me deride them. I've posted about these greedy people before and have yet to see reason to change my opinion. They should grant rights of audience in the High Courts to ordinary solicitors as well as solicitor advocates and make the pompous elite compete for wages like the rest of us.

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Unknown said...

I agree about the greedy Barristers, they are obnoxious parasites leeching on the hard working taxpayer and the innocent people of this country; they control the legal system and determine who gets justice.
I lost in Romford County Court in July 2012 when my ex tenant who owes us nearly £20.000.0 in rent won her appeal against a possession order I was granted in April 2012 Her Legal Aid Barrister Ms Liz Davies argued strongly that I should pay the costs and the judge awarded them against me even though I have committed no crime at all. Ms Liz Davies Barrister's bill included nearly £1,000 ....yes, 'ONE THOUSAND POUNDS' for travelling to court that day. She charged THREE HOURS for the approximately 15 mile trip from Hackney to Romford for her two and three quarter hour stint defending a Russian woman living in my house who is sub letting and not paying the rent she was supposed to. Her total bill for that part day cost me £2,760.
It’s the 22nd of October 2013 now and I’m waiting for a letter from the bailiffs to tell me when they will be going to my property to evict her. It’s taken me all this time because I have no money for legal help or advice and Ms Davies and my tenant’s solicitor have taken full advantaged of my lack of knowledge to keep delaying this costing me and my wife thousands and thousands of pounds which they know I haven’t got.
That's justice for you isn't it ! GREEDY F***ING SCABS !!!