Monday, 28 September 2009

Kenny McKaskill, al Megrahi and Lockerbie

My views on the SNP are fairly well known, and in Renfrewshire these crypto-facists under Iron Man McKaskill and his protege Beau Derek Mackay have given us, in addition to the police and the special constables, litter wardens, dog shit wardens, taxi rank wardens, traffic wardens, taxi drop off wardens, smoking wardens, street wardens, anti social tenant teams, licenced doormen, street CCTV and a host of other forms of social control, all ostensibly to keep us safe, presumably from each other. All of these strutting uniformed little Hitlers make me despair and what I really want is someone to keep me safe from the increasing tendency of the SNP to impose good behaviour by force instead of education.

You will understand therefore how reluctant I am to give any credit to the Iron Man for anything just in case it encourages him to stay in his post any longer than necessary, but in the matter of the release of al Megrahi I think he has done a good thing.

Leaving aside the question of al Megrahi's guilt or innocence, to release a dying man to see his family on compassionate grounds, to reasonable people, seems to be a no-brainer. The brutality of the Lockerbie bombing isn't a factor. He was released because we are compassionate, not because he was, and I believe that this is important.

My Muslim friends tell me that the Koran is a book of compassion not violence and I have no reason (not having read their holy book) to disbelieve them. The extremist (and I speak only of the extremists) followers of Saudi Wahabi Islam, educated in hate throughout the Muslim world in the Saudi sponsored Madrasahs promote world wide terror and violence. If we can make it clear that their beliefs are a corruption of true Islam and that we can be more compassionate, in the spirit of the Koran, than the hate filled butchers who advocate amputation and stoning for what are social crimes such as adultery and fornication, then we weaken the grip of the Wahabi on the minds of young Muslims and perhaps we can help the more moderate Mullahs to counter the deep divisions which the Saudis promote.

Obama the First has caved in to the right wing Christian fundamentalists in his own country. He knows that the Saudis are the real sponsors of terror, but I don't see him or any of his countrymen calling for a boycott of Saudi oil. The Saudis have much more oil than the Scots, so they boycott Whisky and Harris Tweed. What a bunch of hypocritical cowards.

So although it pains me greatly, credit where it is due, well done McKaskill


Eddie Truman said...

I'm not quite convinced of the SNP as the party of Judge Dredd but the other points you make are really important and highly unfashionable in the early 21st century.

red mist said...

You spotted it, Eddie. I got another feckin smoking fine, but I still think we are being over-policed and I find the tendency quite scary especially with the flag-wavers in power.
As for the rest, I think that moderate Muslim clerics hold the key to this problem and don't get enough by way of support. Islam is not going away. The 'war on terror' as far as the USA is concerned has become a war on anyone with a bushy beard.

Anonymous said...

Wee Del Boay thinks he is King amongst Kings in Renfrewshire, he or should I say the Nats plan to wipe any trace of the Labour Party from Renfrewshire, they plan and will punish the people of Johnstone for not voting SNP, they will close both swimming pools and the area will be all the worst for it. What a silly stupid wee Hitler this guy McKay is, roll on the next elections and we can kick the feeble 17 out of Renfrewshire.

Tom Quinn.

red mist said...

We're doing what we can on the swimming pools, Tom, but it's a lot of work keeping up the pressure. The local press have done us proud and the local community have put quite a campaign together. We are very hopeful