Monday, 28 September 2009

Roman Polasnski

In all of the hype over the enforcement of the American arrest warrant on Roman Polanski his media and show biz friends seem to have forgotten to mention at any length that the man is a self confessed paedophile. His excuse that the 13 year old girl he abused was already sexually experienced, far from justifying his crime only makes him the latest in what seems to be a chain of similar abusers. His complaint that he had done a deal with the prosecution and settled for money with the victim so he was justified in fleeing to avoid sentence only makes matters worse. If the judge refused to accept the deal then I have a lot of respect for him, and for the Swiss for eventually doing the right thing.

She was 13, and 'She was up for it' shouldn't be a defence in a civilised society. This pervert should have been jailed then and he should be jailed now, but money talks so I'm not sure he will be, and that would be a disgrace.

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