Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Lawyers and their Briefs

Just a wee additional thought further to my rant about affordable justice, has anyone else noticed a curiosity I see in Paisley around about the court every day. There are always lawyers running about with large numbers of files piled up on their arms. I assume you see the same thing in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Now I can't believe that people who earn that sort of money can't afford a carrier bag, disposable, recyclable or one of the new high fashion ones that are not plastic and idiots queue for as if they were going to stop making them.

I similarly don't believe that they lack the gumption to go into a shop and ask for a cardboard box, as an intelligent person would do.

I'm left with the assumption that they are afraid that someone might not notice that they are lawyers and fail to pay them the proper respect (bowing and scraping etc). The pile of files is their badge of office.

So I've got a word of advice for them.

The clue's in the name. Get a bloody briefcase you ponces.

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