Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The Virtues of Teamwork and Synchronised Rubbish

My blog receives few comments (I flatter myself that it is because my prose is crystal clear and my logic beyond critique) but last night I had 5 different comments in the space of 16 minutes. They came at 23.09 -- 23.15 -- 23.17 --23.20 -- and 23.25.

Four were anonymous and the other came from someone calling themselves 'Jodie'. One supported my attack on the Nats while the others opposed my attacks on Labour and Bliar. One, from Jodie who says she lives in Seedhill, launched a completely out of context attack on the SSP and their candidate in Seedhill. another, from anonymous, tells me that they have lived in the Love Street area all of their lives.

It's all a bit transparent.

I think I've upset somebody. I wonder who it can be?


Surreptitious Evil said...

Ha, you've finally outed us. I did tell you that I really am Jack McConnell. It was me, all me [gibbers incoherently into his straitjacket straps].

Good luck to Iain for tomorrow.


red mist said...

You can't be Jack McDonnell, nobody admits to being Jack McDonnell. Tell then you're Spartacus and they'll let you out.

thanks for the good wishes