Thursday, 17 May 2007

Terry Kelly (TKMax) and Jesus

I see on our favourite blog that Terry Kelly approves the stance of Jesus and Ron Ferguson on the blessing of same sex partnerships. I was interested to read Ron's compelling arguments in the Herald this week, and I am 100% in agreement with the case he put forward.

He and Jesus must be gratified to know that TKMax also approves.


Anonymous said...

As a christian I have to forgive TKmax's sins, but does he have to commit so many. I'm exhausting myself doing it.

Hang on he's a castroite.

red mist said...

ZZ -- is that not engine oil?

Oh dear, I've betrayed the cause for a cheap joke. Still ~I'm not a christian so I don't have to forgive anybody and I can say 'nobody's perfect' and avoid damnation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot who I was talking too.

TKmax is an admirer of that well known supporter of gay rights Fidel Castro. Although the Cuban state has eased off on the oppression of gays.