Thursday, 17 May 2007

Renfrewshire Politics, Councillors' Expenses and Hate Mail

One of the local papers the 'Gazette', a weekly, carries a report today of hate mail which has been sent to a Johnstone woman. The letter, which is on what looks like Renfrewshire council letterhead says, 'We would like to thank you from the Bottom of our hearts For the support you gave the SNP Now #### ### and keep your mouths shut.'

The woman who received the letter is married to Tom Gartley and the couple were the focus of attention when they alleged irregularities in Councillors' expenses claims.

Mrs Gartley also says that the local Johnstone police have passed the complaint on to the officer investigating the alleged expenses fraud as ,'they considered the matter to be linked to the fraudulent councillors' claims.'

I'll keep an eye on it and let you all know what happens if anything.


Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable, maybe Tkmax is just the tip of the iceberg.

BOLLOX said...

Thats all very well Red but before slinging accusations at others you should maybe do some research into Mr Gatley and his pals These include ex-Councillor Paul Mack (remember that odious cunt) and Caroline Martin (Yes, Mrs Bill - wife of the Gnat renegade, Richard(Dick) Vassie and some other more even shadier characters.

Was the spurious expenses complaint against (now Provost) Celia Lawson fuelled by Mack's pathological hatred for his opponent after she deprived him of his seat on the Council in 1999? I'll leave others to make up their mind on that one

As I say you should maybe dig deeper into that one. You might not like what you find. The alleged "Hate Mail" to Gatley is likely a product of one of his slimy pals and just a cheap publicity stunt to suit their warped ends

Before you ask who I support - I dont - I'm turned off completely by all the partys. I would say that I am more to the left than the right but even then I wouldn't touch Solidarity or SSP or even whatever breakaway rears its ugly head in the weeks or months ahead with a barge-pole

Renfrewshire is a political cesspit. Dont just blame Kelly and his crew All the partys have a nasty streak in their support. Let us know when you finish digging about re Gatley & Co. Whatever you do just make sure they dont find out who you are.

red mist said...

Bollox-- However odious the accusers and whatever their motives the expenses accusations will stand or fall on their own merits-- they either did it - resign, or else they didn't - sue.

If the hate mail is a stunt then that is despicable, but again, it is a police matter.

I don't know what the left has done to upset you, but I agree about the general nature ofRenfrewshire politics, and finally, I won't be digging, that is the job of others, I have only offered to report their results.

BOLLOX said...
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BOLLOX said...

But again Misty did those accused regarding their expenses not get cleared by the Standards Commission? I dont see how there can still be an ongoing Police investigation if the matter has already been looked into by the Commission. Surely they could not make a decison that could prejudice a police enquiry or any possible criminal action. The motives of those complaining canot be ignored.

No doubt had there been any claims made about the SSP MSPs expenses then I bet their first response would have been it was a set up by the "system" to ruin them. Go on, tell me Im wrong!

TKMax and his antics maybe open to question but this lot behind the mudslinging make him look like an levelheaded pillar of society

20 May 2007 10:51

red mist said...

Bollox-- I am unaware of any report by the standards commission in respect of these allegations which only seem to have arisen around February this year (see
label/renfrewshire )

In respect of SSP MSP's expenses, they are reasonably transparent and various claims of impropriety have actually been made. The difference is that the SSP have to try to exist in a social system which sees them as a direct threat and to live within the rules made by others to perpetuate themselves in power, so smears are a way of life for our people. This, however, is Labour at its most cannibalistic, and as far as Labour and its cliques are concerned I would only agree with wiser heads that:-

'they prey upon their own kind; and ‘tis a pleasant Scene enough, when Thieves fall out among themselves, to see the cutting of one Diamond with another.'

Anonymous said...

Bollox, you are correct about the involvment of the martin(s) yes, that includes Bill Martin too, it also includes Billy Carling AKA Billy braindead, Richard Vassie and maybe Paul Mack (unsure about that) The Gately's are up to there neck in this too. Unsure, how they got involved. The so called "threat" is crap, they are very good at making photoshop HATE mail, I've saw a few of them. good work, just rubbish content!!! I wonder if they sent it to themselves and forgot to put a stamp on it?? They like to do that! ;-) These people will get the whats coming to them, its called Karma, I think they kinda had a little of it already, ie Caroline Losing the election!! HA!!! HA!! and Provost Lawson's Appointment. Kind of a kick in the balls for The Martin's. I bet it still stings! Bill Martin could have been Provost, but that's what happens to untruthful, evil people.
Any Hooo... been nice talking to ya!

Anonymous said...

Gatley is a complete nutter who makes numerous complaints about people, runs to the paper to get his name in, then the allegations are investigated and NONE of them are upheld. Happens time and time again.

Provost Lawson and Cllr Derek McKay have been investigated and CLEARED by the standards commission and the full judgement is available on the web.

As for the Martins and Vassie have a look at the NEW Expenses just published for 2006/7.

Martin and Vassie have amongst the HIGHEST expenses on the council certainly for opposition councillors and when you consider that Vassie was banned by the Standards Commission for most of the year and could not attend full meetings or committees plus he claimed to be ill for most of the year his expenses figure is staggering!

Martin's expenses were SIX times higher than Provost Lawson's and Vassie's were almost FIVE times higher!

Billy Braindead and Alex Kerr must be astounded and perhaps now realise how they have been used by the Martin's Vassie and Gatley!

Clowns the lot of them

red mist said... respect of expenses, surely the council have an auditor who examines these things much better and in more detail than ever I could. Why have the council allowed him to be so lax in the conduct of his duties. I have not heard any councillors, present or former, screaming to increase his powers. I had referred in an earlier post to thieves falling out, but perhaps anthropologists would be interested in this example of present day cannibalism.. A plague on both your houses (or is that only for MSPs).