Sunday, 6 May 2007

Outstanding Queries: Can Anyone Update Us

I saw an incident on Saturday night which reminded me of why I started to Blog in the first place (see my first post) so I decided to go through the blog and look for the unanswered questions that I will have to chase up via freedom of information since we have lost our MSPs.
So can anyone update us on the following (dates as per my blog) :

8th March Did West Yorkshire Police ever discipline the officers who beat up the young girl

15th March Did Strathclyde Police or Jamieson ever explain or apologise for the police actions

4th April Did anyone from the airlines ever explain how flights could take off with the baggage reconciliation not correct

9th April With the Nats being the biggest party has Sir Sean Connery announced when he is returning to Scotland to take up residence (pay his tax)

24th April Has anyone accepted responsibility for the sewage spillage into the Forth and resigned

25th April Has Tesco made any announcment in respect of its proposals for the Love Street site. I'm getting anxious to know if we were screwed in the election by a lie (but I suppose to say that the people of the area are looking forward to their new supermarket isn't really a lie even if it never arrives), and finally

4th May Has Duggie offered his resignation for the voting system fiasco

Feel free to comment if you can add any enlightenment


Surreptitious Evil said...

I know I am not actually being helpful but:

9th April - He may be a gNat, but he isn't actually stupid. Or, at the very least, his accountants and tax advisors aren't.

4th May - Errm, are you the last person in the country to hold to this outdated doctrine of so-called "ministerial responsibility"? I am sure that, in a few days, some sort of cover up, sorry inquiry, will be announced. A leak of the draft report will blame some (probably un-named, because "it wouldn't be fair") junior civil servant for outsourcing it to a company manifestly not up to the job. The company will, by then, have been given some huge non-competitively-tendered contract elsewhere, to stop them complaining. The report then cannot be made public, because the leak has prejudiced the {cough} independence of the findings. All nice and tidy and Mr Alexander off to somewhere profitable in Gordo's Cabinet.


red mist said...

Thanks for your help, S-E-- the only thing I think you may have omitted was something about not being able to see the details of the performance forecasts for the counting machines due to commercial confidentiality. That's always a good way to justify a refusal to discuss things . At least it works when they are screwing us to give fat profits to their donors via PFI/PPP.

Duggie, the golden one and future anointed, can't be allowed to take a big hit because the labour mafia, oops sorry, leadership, have his future mapped out, and it doesn't include languishing on the back benches branded a failure by his own incompetence

As for Connery do you mean that he is not going to attend his own coronation at the return of 'the King over the water' when he and the other quasi scots who would tell us what we are doing wrong from miles away decide we are worth robbing, oops sorry again,worthy of their presence.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Sorry, I though the "King across the Water" was currently the Duke of Bavaria?

However, if the smirking robber-baron of Banff & Buchan or Gordon (take your pick - he won't) is ever anointed with the keys of Bute House, I am sure we will see (pictures of, 'cause I doubt either of us will get an invite) Sir Sean at the party.