Monday, 7 May 2007

Update on Ferguslie Park

One thing I forgot to mention in my list of outstanding queries was the old tyres lying in the lay-by in Drums Ave. Ferguslie (see mine 19th March) , so just to keep everyone up to date on TKMax's contribution, the old tyres I mentioned are still there, and don't look like going anywhere anytime soon.


The Cynic said...

Red Mist.

This sort of thing is inexcusable but I wonder if anyone had gone as far as actually phoning the Cleansing Department asking for these to be shifted.

One of the problems is that people don’t tend to report these things to the Council and keep on at them until they do. By all means if they get nowhere ask the local Councillor to intervene.

No doubt some people don’t report fly-tipping/abandoned debris and bulky rubbish, potholes, missing drain covers etc because they believe at times that theperson they are complaining to doesn’t bother acting on the complaint or, if they do, someone somewhere within the Council doesn’t regard it as a priority and it gets ignored.

Yeah the Council should deal with these things as soon as reasonably practicable. However, we have to bear in mind that the "problem" is the people who leave tyres, mattresses, or whatever,literally at their a""se and don’t give a damn for others. Likewise vandals or people who steal drain covers causing a hazard for others don’t really care about the possible consequences. This is not because they some from a deprived background; have faced disadvantage in life; are dependent on benefits or are oppressed – it comes down to the fact that they are thoughtless and have no regard for their neighbours or the communities in which they live. That sort of attitude too is inexcusable

red mist said...

Cynic-- The point of the post was more to show that TKMax may have responded by getting the old matress removed, but that the old tyres, which were not specified in my complaint to him were ignored when the cleansing dept. removed the mattress.
If the mattress wasn't removed on TKMax's request, but merely as a routine clean up, why were the tyres left. If it was removed by TKMax's intervention, why didn't he raise the roof when the tyres were left.
Either way, once the council knew about the tyres they should have been removed, they wouldn't have been left in Thornley Park once discovered, but because it was only Ferguslie no-one including the councillor cared.
Yes, I agree that the real culprits are the people who litter, but if the council's response is no better than this once they know of a problem, then it is little wonder it does not get reported.