Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Sickness Absence and the CBI

I've just been listening, on BBC Radio Scotland, to some hooray henry from the CBI moaning about the assertion that 1 in 8 days lost through sickness is based on a false claim.

First then, why don't they discipline their employees who make such claims if they know which are the false ones?

Second, I have never lost a day due to sickness unless I couldn't possibly have worked in my state of health. If employers provide jobs and working conditions which are conducive to attendance then people will turn up to work, even when they would be better advised to stay at home, and we all know that this is true.

And finally, where an employee goes genuinely sick ( and that is 7 out of 8 days even by their own figures) the employer very rarely provides cover, he just expects everyone else to get their heads down and do the work of the absentee for nothing, zilch, nil, not a lot. Do they deduct the cost of that free labour provided by the employees from the figures they quote as the cost of absence? Not bloody likely, because they manage to screw the work out of the other employees for free.

They should think themselves very lucky, they wouldn't work for nothing, but that is the rich and unelected. All of the money in the world wouldn't be enough for the greedy sods.


Anonymous said...

The CBI or reverse marxists as I call them. It always the rich who are the most class conscious. Thats why you must always read the business press

red mist said...

There is no doubt ZZ that they follow the left wing press, so we of the left must be able to anticipate the next attack on the less fortunate

Anonymous said...

I don't think the cbi read the socialist worker or red pepper.

red mist said...

Oh yes they do, and so do the civil service.

Anonymous said...

Quite simply bollocks unless your a civil servant yourself in which case I am wrong.

red mist said...

Used to be H.M. Customs and Excise before it became revenue and customs and there is very little that the govt. don't read. If you think about it CBI industrial relations analysts would be foolish not to read the left wing papers.