Wednesday, 25 April 2007

St. Mirren F.C, St. Mirren Park , Love Street and Tesco

Why won't Tesco let us into their plans for the re-development of St. Mirren park at Love Street. It would set many minds at rest if they would confirm that they will not merely knock down the existing stadium and add the land, which would then be lying derelict, to their land bank in order to stop another supermarket chain opening a supermarket to compete with the new Tesco planned for Linwood. i.e. to preserve a monopolistic market

If the council know, and we will not be told before the election, then I think it might be fair to assume that the news for the people of Mossvale and Shortroods is bad and that they are to have another scene of dereliction to add to the ones where council houses have been knocked down and not replaced. Why not ask Labour for a straight answer when they come round looking for your vote. Have they made it a condition of planning for the new stadium that a supermarket actually appears on the Love St. site within a specified time, or have they sold out the North End of the Town and sweetened the deal by withdrawing that committment, to save their own face after the other proposed buyers all walked away from the proposals.


Anonymous said...

having lived in this area ALL my life maybe I have a leg up on you but this is seriously not an issue most of the residents are impressed with the upgrade of the fountain gardens and this is more important to them, you are trying to flog a deid horse.

red mist said...

anon--it is not an issue at present because most of the residents have been led to believe that they will be getting a supermarket not a derelict bomb site. No one will give a committment that it will not be left derelict and if it is not an issue, why the secrecy? I think the council have sold us out, but we will no doubt find out after the election.

The upgrade of the Fountain Gardens will only be useful if the under age drinkers who make it a no go area in the evening can be persuaded to move on.