Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tony Bliar, Jack McConnell and the Scottish Nationalists

'Happy' Jack McDonnell ?? has had another setback in the run-up to the May elections. He must be absolutely
devastated to hear that Tony Bliar has given him 100% backing. No doubt the Nats are rubbing their hands with
glee. If ever there was news that McConnell could have done without, this was it. The wee lassie and the
smirking fish must be delighted, working on the assumption, by no means certain, that smirky wants to
leave his beloved London and re-join us lesser folk, until he can respectably resign and go on a lecture tour (to London).


George Dutton said...

Something very strange here...

If the SNP were to hold a referendum on independence very soon after winning control of the Scottish Parliament they would have to deal with a Scottish Prime Minister?.Very good chance of getting a fair deal for Scotland.

If they wait until the end of their Reign of Terror to hold a referendum they could well end up trying to deal with an English Tory Prime Minister.They would be VERY lucky to come out of such a meeting not having to pay a hugh sum in compansation to England for breaking up the union on the grounds it would have a detrimental effect on England.

So what has Scotland got to negotiate about? well there could well be untold wealth under the British sector at the South pole oil/mineral wealth for one thing.

The SNP must know about all this so the question is WHY??? just doesn`t add up.

I think that what has happened here is that the powers who/that be? want to keep the union alive and have BOUGHT the time to make that so.At the end of the day the SNP didn`t have any GUTS.
This I think will fuse Scotland and England together PERMANENTLY AS ONE.
The SNP have said that at the end of their Reign of Terror they will hold a referendum.How things will have changed by then is ?.
They must strike now while the iron is hot to stand the best chance off Independance and they know it. It is a case of Goodbye Independance I fear.

red mist said...

George-- Some people don't like reminding, but there is another party offering independence, an immediate referendum, and an end to kow-towing to big business in case we frighten them off. The tartan tories true colours are gradually revealed every time they announce another funding injection, and it is clear from the company they keep that they are as far to the right as New Labour, and they are to the right of the New Tories.

Industry's biggest cost is usually wages, so if business backs your party it is usually not for a specific favour (that would be too obvious and like Ecclestone would attract criticism of the wrong kind). It is because they believe that your party will put in place,intentionally or otherwise, the economic circumstances that will produce a low wage, high profit economy.

I think that the Scottish Socialist party is the obvious choice for those who are unhappy at the economic policies of the Nats

George Dutton said...

I was in the SSP Red Mist but went over to Solidarity I didn`t like the Vemon towards Tommy. If we lose Tommy it will be a VERY big blow for socialism. A few in the SSP need to grow up they can`t see the damage they are doing to socialism, they should let go. Glad to say it is just a few and most are the salt of the earth. Might go over to Respect after May 3rd as the fight will be over in Scotland for the next few years. I have to say it`s not looking good in Scotland but you never know?. Went up to my hometown of Haddington from Gateshead on Tuesday the 27th to hear Tommy and Rosemary talk. I think we had a GREAT chance of building something in Scotland till all this kick off. Still fight on is my motto never give in.
All the best Brother,

red mist said...

George-- Not a time for Socialists to be fighting among themselves so I'll just say 'keep one of the faiths';-)


George Dutton said...

"Socialists to be fighting among themselves"

That has been the downfall of socialism Red Mist.