Monday, 9 April 2007

Sir Sean and the Nats: Return of the Hero

I see from the Scotsman today that Sir Sean Connery (a rich exile) is set to return from the Bahamas when Scotland is 'granted' independence. This is no more than another 'leader' of the Scottish people prepared to sit it out in another country (ring any bells, Alex ?) until the hard work is done before returning to take advantage of the situation he had no hand in creating, except to run off at the mouth about how Scottish he is.

For your information, Sir Sean, independence is not being granted, it is being fought for while you are tanning your fat arse in the sunshine. If you want to help the fight is here (where were you?) but we don't need you to win it. Stay where you are and annoy somebody else, you and your kind, who think that they can waltz in after the work is done and try to turn Scotland into a tax haven for the rich (because that is why you are not here, you don't want to pay your share of tax) are neither wanted nor needed except by the Tartan Tory friends of the rich.


Anonymous said...

Your not a Scottish nationalists? Bang on about Connery's motives though.

Another thing remove the moderation your getting few comments as it is don't make it harder for yourself.

red mist said...

Thanks zinzin..I didn't set moderation so it must be a default setting. I'm not very clever at this stuff but I've removed it. It was never my intention to censor or even to regulate comment.