Monday, 9 April 2007

Terry Kelly Football Expert

Terry (TKMax) Kelly is in the local paper today addressing the real issues facing the Scottish electorate. Yes, he is going to improve the quality of the BBC's Scottish Football commentators. This from the man who watched the Scotland Georgia game believing he was watching Croatia. Check out 27th March on

We're in real trouble now. Lunacy is taking over the world if Terry thinks this is an appropriate issue for election time.


Anonymous said...

RM insincerity courses through his very being. Clairwil has pointed out TK's distaste for scottish culture so its no wonder that he thought Scotland were playing Croatia hes not interested in anything scottish. Thinking on that is his only cast iron ideological position he hates scotland and the SNP.

He doesn't like football as well.

red mist said...

zz -- that is something which i had wondered about and I can only imagine that some of the PFI / PPP contractors have hospitality boxes at Hampden