Thursday, 8 March 2007

West Yorkshire Police Violence

I have just been watching TV coverage of the West Yorkshire police captured on CCTV punching a young woman five times in the course of arresting her, and it is very scary.

A mealy mouthed senior officer is trying to say that the footage was out of context, but its difficult to see any reason why five burly policemen couldn't restrain one wee lassie who was already drunk and on the ground without punching the hell out of her. Even if it was her arm, and she was kicking as they allege, how much power can a drunk 19 year old girl put into a kick from a prone position. Why was it necessary to punch her at all, far less five times on any part of the body. She was unlikely to escape and it was not time critical. They had her surrounded. This was macho gone mad and utterly inexcusable.

It was also distinctly unprofessional. Real macho men (like Strathclyde Police) would have made sure that the cameras were off and she was handcuffed. At least that's what my son alleges that they did to him, and a knee to the groin is much more effective. Complaints in his case got nowhere, and I suspect that the West Yorkshire case will result in a similar whitewash.

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