Saturday, 31 March 2007

Rayleen's Fantasy World of Dinosaur Councillors

I've tried before to publish to Rayleen Kelly's site and been censored, I don't know if its because I'm anonymous or because of what I say, but I've left this comment on her piece about retiring councillors.

Rayleen—I really can’t let you away with this one. Six retiring councillors with 110 years service between them means an average of about 18 years each.
Look at the changes in Paisley in the last 18 years and we will see their legacy.

Traffic flow is monstrous. The town centre is like a graveyard for old unused shops with many of the major retailers who are left wanting away. Local taxation is higher than it has ever been and services are in decline. There is no major industry to speak of. Drugs and crime are rampant in the housing schemes, and councillors are arranging congratulatory dinners in the midst of a child poverty crisis (let them eat cake). It’s sick.

As for the severance awards (pay-offs) which these people are being awarded, ask the people at your surgeries what they think those councillors deserve. I’m sure the answer won’t surprise you.

Just to clarify, because you either don’t or won’t understand. These pay-offs were not for work done. These people were overpaid every year for that. These pay-off were not needed as a pension; millions of people are expected to get by on the state pension unless they buy an extra one for themselves, and if the state pension isn’t enough whose fault is that! These were ‘get lost’ payments to dinosaur councillors, paid out only on condition that they go away from local government and never come back. If we can get back to a situation where councillors serve the community instead of their own egos then it might have been worth it, but I doubt that will happen under this present lot, and you shouldn’t mislead people.

I don't know if she will publish it because Renfrewshire Council knows no shame. Even the Paisley town hall clock has a red face.


George Dutton said...

You will find Red Mist it is called the 'Gravy train'. Strange that people say they become councillors to serve the community and no other reason but then expect and get such riches. I call it sickening/disgusting and immoral.The unacceptable face of greed.

Jodie said...

Reality check I live in Seedhill and know the ex councillor (SSP candidate) well and would urge everyone NOT to vote for them based on my experience with him, he was not interested in my problems only in himself and his wee issues. Sorry but I had real problems that were ignored while he was in the SSP. at least Raylene made the effort and listened to my issues and helped the council and I come to a conclusion.

red mist said...

Jodie--Wake up, Rayleen (the peoples princess)is a tremendous self publicist. Her priorities are getting good photos for her blog, selling off Seedhill Playing Fields for houses and knocking down and not replacing council housing and community centres.

The council for her is a family business, and the family seem to be doing rather well out of it. She is such a Labour party loyalist that she can only refer to their leader rather disparagingly by his second name, when even his enemies call him Tony Bliar. It is a family trait to listen and tell people exactly what they want to hear, but they support the party which has taken our people to Bush's war in Iraq, which has taken millions from PFI contactors and millionaires who by an unrelated coincidence got seats in the House of Lords.

If you really want to take a pop at the SSP can you not find a post where I have endorsed them instead of one where they are not even mentioned. Your chip is showing.