Sunday, 18 March 2007

Scottish Nationalists and the Millionaires Club

One of the problems for the millionaires club in Scotland is that their natural home in the Conservative Party has, for all but ceremonial purposes, ceased to exist.

The strategy seems, therefore, to be to throw all the money they can into the peculiarly Scottish version of the Tories in order to try to stave off the leftward drift in Scotland as people see that Labour are just another party of the right.

So we are treated to the smirking face of Salmond as another rich right wing alleged homophobe lends full support to the Tartan Tories, and, ignoring the dubious moral and ethical problems which seem so important between elections, the Nats grasp the dosh, never asking what they are expected to do for it.

The rich and the Nats are around each other like flies round shit and it is difficult to tell which is which.

Advice for Salmond, the Scots might forgive your running away to London at every opportunity and only coming back, like Sir Sean to try to help out at election time and see what you can get, but they will not forgive you for being snidey and hypocritical. You may believe that for Scotland you are a government in waiting, but we all know you are a pseudo-leader in voluntary exile who left the difficult work of scrutiny of Lib / Lab mismanagement to the wee lassie.

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