Thursday, 15 March 2007

Trident and the Westminster Parliament

So Labours paper tigers have roared (or should that be purred). 87 Labour MPs including 15 from Scottish constituencies trooped into the opposition lobbies to oppose Trident. Even as he is on his way out the rest of them are afraid to defy Bliar, but they say the most dangerous time to approach a wild creature is in its death throes. He's done the big clunking fist a great favour since he will not now need to address this problem in the early part of his premiership, but the issue will keep on returning until they can explain who we want to fight with this sort of weapon. It's not a hard question but the answer is hard to find.

To all those MPs who claim to be Labour, but found themselves in the same lobby as the whipped Tories, could you not look around you and see that you had done a bad thing just by the company you were keeping?

Shame on you all.

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