Saturday, 17 March 2007

Justice Minister and Strathclyde police

In an earlier post I asked where Cathie Jamieson, the Justice Minister was hiding..well I've found her on BBC Radio Scotland with another two comics this lunchtime shamelessly talking football while Justice is a thing of the past. Still, there is an election due so I suppose she has to talk to people about something to remind us that she is still here. It is a sad state of affairs when a comedian's parody of a political figure is better known and liked than the politician herself.

And still with the law, I refuse to believe the scurrilous accusation in respect of Strathclyde Police, on the front page of another nameless paper, until I see an official denial by the Lodge (either one).


Lucille said...

Hi Red,
I wandered onto your site and I will be returning. Do not think you are writing into the wind. Best wishes....

Have a great day.

red mist said...

Hi Lucille,

Thanks for that, and be lucky