Monday, 12 March 2007

Trident and the Labour Party

Whoops, there goes another one...and a big splash too!!

Nigel Griffiths (deputy leader of the Commons) is the latest rat to leave the sinking 'Good Ship Trident'.

This is a policy in disarray. It should be abandoned now before the UK becomes a complete laughing stock. Our national defence based on American nuclear technology is a joke. Bliar's reliance on Bush is pathetic. How can we rely on nuclear technology provided by someone who cannot pronounce nuke-you-lar?


Lucille said...


did you get the comments I left about Trident???

red mist said...

Sorry Lucille, that comment must have got lost in cyberspace while I was posting new stuff. Send it again and I will have a look at it tomorrow, got to go bed now..jury duty tomorrow.

thanks and g'nite