Friday, 16 March 2007

Working Class Unity

If anyone is unsure about what Thatcher did to us as a society they should look at this:-

They are all on a bus, so no posh people then. But still someone films a driver's misdemeanor on their phone and shops him. The driver loses his bonus and gets a warning. How sad is that.

They probably think it was the right thing to do, as if the bosses don't have enough spies already, and that's even sadder. When will working people realise that we only have each other, and if we do the boss's work for him we will all suffer in the long run. I'm not saying the driver was right, only that we shouldn't be policing each other on behalf of the bosses --they can do that very well on their own.

Before Thatcher this would never have happened.


Anonymous said...

You are joking aren't you? This is agenuine blog devoted to irony isn't it?

red mist said...

Hi shotgun,

I was over on the TW blog trying to be nice to you and then I find you've followed me home. Nice to see you.

No irony here, I wouldn't have done it, I have better things to do with my life than run around spying on people who commit minor disciplinary offences against their bosses (and it was minor or he would have been sacked).

Would you have filmed him and grassed him. I suspect that if he had been your brother you wouldn't, and the point of the post was that prior to Thatcher there was a degree of working class brotherhood that has been lost.

You obviously want it to stay lost, and I don't think we can ever agree about that, but that is opinion, and I suspect that since we differ so fundamentally we are not going to be chums.

Unfortunate but I suspect inevitable.